What is jstABOUT

All posts in one page

All conversations about a topic can live on one page. You can create or join conversations; there is no need for hashtags, group pages or discussion forums to find specific topics.

Multiple profile option

You can choose which profile to use per wall and even per post; there is no need to create a new profile. Want to use your Facebook profile for walls with friends and your LInkedIN for career walls or post anonymously? JstAbout is the place.

Semi-private wall

You can create a public or private wall to allow the masses or select invitees you approve to join. Semi-private walls can be created, ideal for collecting feedback or distributing exclusive content.

Monetizable wall

You can create walls and define a subscription fee for your audience. Do you have exclusive content or a knowledge service? Now you can deliver content to your paying audience. Wall owners define the price and frequency and jstABOUT charges just a small fixed fee.

Social Media Superstars

Now it is easy to create a wall and post exclusive content for your followers, fans and targeted audience. Use jstABOUT to increase loyalty and volume or even to monetize your popularity

Communities, Families, Clubs and other organizations

Don't be limited by a specific social network. jstABOUT can help create multiple walls for your group to join regardless if friends use Facebook, Twitter or aren’t active in a centralized social network. More login freedom equals more engagement

For Brands and Business

Need a wall to encourage improved customer contact for improved service, appointment requests or just to say hello? A wall will enable your audience to provide product or service feedback in just one click.

How it Works

Find a Wall

1. Search by name by clicking or tapping the magnifying menu.

2. Search walls around you from the top left menu.

3. Register or login and access dashboard of walls.

Create a Wall

1. Tap or click on the top left menu.

2. Select "Create a New Wall" to create new wall.

3. Register or login.

Post on Wall

1. Find the wall in where you want to post.

2. Click or tap on “post” at the top of the screen.

3. Register JUST if it is requaried by the wall’s owner.